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Infinity & Rimflow Pools

Explore our impressive collection of completed Infinity and Rimflow Pools, showcasing the pinnacle of design and craftsmanship. Take a closer look at the unique Rim edge, a defining feature that sets our pools apart. Some of our pools feature an innovative invisible rim, where tiles seamlessly drop away from the edge, creating an authentic infinity effect. It's important to note that this option requires a larger catchment tank below the rim, ensuring not only a captivating visual experience but also practical functionality.

On the other hand, pools with visible rim tiles are designed to minimize oversplash into the bottom catchment tank, prioritizing both aesthetics and functionality. This diverse range allows you to choose between a truly spectacular 'infinity feel' or a seamless blend of beauty and practicality. Explore the beauty and functionality of these exceptional pool designs in our showcase, where each detail reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in every aspect of pool construction.


marbelite Pools

Transform your pool environment with our expert Renovation and Enhancement Services, catering to both residential and commercial pools (including schools and hotel pools) . Our specialized team excels in precision coping, sophisticated paving, and deck solutions, creating a seamless balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Explore the excellence of pool transformation with our tailored services, designed to enhance the appeal and value of your space. Trust us for unparalleled expertise, whether you're upgrading a home pool or enhancing a commercial facility. Discover the perfect synergy of aesthetic charm and functional superiority, optimizing your pool's presence with our commitment to excellence in every detail.


charcoal pools

Explore the distinctive charm of our Charcoal Pool collection, where modern sophistication meets practical advantages. Featuring a captivating dark gray or black palette, these pools not only radiate contemporary elegance but also offer functional benefits. The unique colour not only provides a stylish focal point but also contributes to heat absorption for a comfortably warm swimming experience.

Crafted with precision using premium materials like marbelite and fibreglass, our Charcoal Pools strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality. Enhance your outdoor space with the refined appeal and practical advantages of our Charcoal Pool options.


fiberglass pools

Explore our stunning gallery showcasing meticulously crafted fibreglass pools, a testament to our commitment to excellence in both creation and renovation. Fibreglass stands out as an optimal material choice, effectively resisting algae root development on its surface. While algae may attempt to thrive, our pools make maintenance effortless with the application of quality chemical treatments and vacuuming.

Resilient against staining, fibreglass pools boast a 90% success rate in clearing up with routine chemical treatments. The application process is of utmost importance; using inferior plaster or an incorrect Orthophthalic resin can compromise the product's adherence to the walls, resulting in an undesirable and damaged appearance. Trust us for flawlessly executed fibreglass pools that marry aesthetic appeal with durability, ensuring a superior and lasting investment for your property.

Firberglass Pool 1
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Firberglass Pool 15

tiled pools

Revitalize your outdoor space with Pool Pro's premier service, focusing on the expert installation of new tiled pools featuring captivating mosaic tiles. Our skilled team ensures precision and durability in every detail, making us the top choice for those in South Africa seeking a sophisticated and long-lasting pool solution. Explore the artistry and resilience of our premium tiled pools that stand out for their visual appeal.

Choose Pool Pro as your trusted partner for creating the perfect mosaic-tiled pool, adding enduring elegance to your South African property.

tiled ppol 1
tiled ppol 2
tiled ppol 3
tiled ppol 4
tiled ppol 5
tiled ppol 6
tiled ppol 7
tiled ppol 8
tiled ppol 9
tiled ppol 10
tiled ppol 11
tiled ppol 12
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