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For over four decades, we have been the pinnacle of pool builds and services in Johannesburg

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Johannesburg's Experts in maintenance & upkeep of school pools, hotel pools and other large, public access pools

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new pool builds

We understand that your pool is more than just a water feature; it's a statement of luxury and relaxation. Our new pool building services are designed to exceed your expectations, combining cutting-edge design, quality construction, and meticulous attention to detail. From concept to completion, we guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. Click below to view our completed works.

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Rimflow Infinity Pools

Infinity Pools

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Marbelite Pools

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Charcoal Pools

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Fiberglass Pools


pool renovation

Transform your pool environment with our expert Renovation and Enhancement Services, catering to both residential and commercial pools (including schools and hotel pools). Our specialized team excels in precision coping, sophisticated paving, and deck solutions, creating a seamless balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Explore the excellence of pool transformation with our tailored services, designed to enhance the appeal and value of your space. Trust us for unparalleled expertise, whether you're upgrading a home pool or enhancing a commercial facility. Discover the perfect synergy of aesthetic charm and functional superiority, optimizing your pool's presence with our commitment to excellence in every detail.





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Choose the experience, choose the expertise – choose Pool Pro®

With over 40 years of dedication to service and excellence, Pool Pro stands as a revered name in Johannesburg. Renowned for excellence, our legacy is a testament to quality craftsmanship and unparalleled expertise. As a trusted household name, we've been transforming outdoor spaces into havens of opulence, setting the standard for pools in South Africa.

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Pool Mainteneance

Delivering comprehensive residential & commercial pool maintenance services, our devoted team is dedicated to preserving the pristine condition of your pool. From meticulous cleaning to precise water balancing and thorough equipment inspections, we are committed to enhancing performance and ensuring the durability of your pool.

Choose our trusted expertise to elevate your pool experience, setting the standard for the luxury and tranquillity of your pool area. Our professional services are tailored to meet your maintenance needs and exceed expectations. Click on any of the images to see more information and view our work.

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client reviews

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this is what some of our clients have to say

Candice Coleman Voutyritsas

Excellent service. Always a response and very knowledgeable on pool systems. Personalized attention and attention to detail.

Douglas Hoseck

Responsive and super knowledgable

Juanita Louw

Amazing service - John Harrison is very knowledgeable. I look forward to having a crystal clear pool all summer long with their maintenance service.

Mark Hellman

Pool Pro refuribished my pool in October. The pool is a relatively large pool at around 80 000 liters. The refurbishment included the addition of a solar heating system and an ozone generator together with a UV light for water treatment. The ozone generator works extreamly well for water treatment. The water is always clear and when you swim there is no chemical feel on your skin as in a chlorine based pool. The pool now requires very low maintenance. There is no need to check pH and I never added stabiliser. The only chemical requiremnets is about 1 cup a week of HTH. This HTH usage is in summer with the pool temperature around 28 to 29 degrees with high pool usage by my children. Overall I would highly recommend the use of an ozone generator for water treatment.

Mr Yardley

The vinyl conversion lasted 17 years. Memorable service.

Sandton Chronical

I would like to give John Harrison and his Pool Pro team a Sandton Bouguet for a very proffesional job. Wanda, who takes all their calls is also very helpful, competent and friendly. Well done.

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